Jokowi Eyes Better Economic Growth in 2017

Achmad Zulfikar Fazli    •    03 Januari 2018 19:53 WIB
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Jokowi Eyes Better Economic Growth in 2017
Illustration (Photo: MI/Galih Pradipta)

Jakarta:  Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has instructed his Working Cabinet to boost the country's economic growth this year.

"we should focus on urgent issues such as increasing growth, reducing inequality and eradicating poverty," said the PDIP politician during a cabinet meeting on Wedneday afternoon.

Last month, Fitch Ratings upgraded Indonesia's sovereign debt rating to BBB. The agency granted the new rating a stable outlook.

In May, S&P Global Ratings upgraded Indonesia's sovereign credit outlook to BBB-. The agency lifted the country to investment grade. 

"This stability should be consistently maintained by all of us," the media-savvy politician added.