Indonesia Has Strong Economic Fundamentals: Darmin

Eko Nordiansyah    •    03 September 2018 17:55 WIB
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Indonesia Has Strong Economic Fundamentals: Darmin
Illustration (Photo:MI/Susanto)

Jakarta: Indonesia still has strong economic fundamentals although the rupiah currency rate has surpassed Rp14,800 per dollar, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution said Monday.

"It is different with Argentina and Turkey. It depends on our domestic economic policies," the minister stated.

"Argentina's inflation is around 30 percent. Its current account deficit is around six percent," he added.

According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia's annual inflation stood at 3.2 percent last month. In addition, its year-to-date inflation stood at 2.13 percent in the same month.

"It is still below our annual inflation target of 3.5 percent. It is still under control," BPS chairman Suhariyanto said.