Indonesia's Inflation at 0.27% in November 2018

Ilham wibowo    •    03 Desember 2018 12:22 WIB
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Indonesia's Inflation at 0.27% in November 2018
BPS chairman Suhariyanto ( Wibowo)

Jakarta: Central Statistics Agency (BPS) chairman Suhariyanto has announced that Indonesia's inflation in November 2018 reached 0.27 percent month-to-month.

"The year-to-date inflation reached 2.5 percent. The year-on-year inflation reached 3.23 percent," the BPS leader told a press conference on Monday.

"It is still under control. It is still below 3.5 percent," he added.

According to the govermment agency, as many as 70 surveyed cities experienced inflation. On the other hand, the other 12 surveyed cities experienced deflation.

The highest inflation was recorded in Merauke with 2.05 percent, while the lowest inflation was recorded in Balikpapan with 0.01 percent.

The highest deflation was recorded in Medan with 0.64 percent, while the lowest deflation was recorded in Pematang Siantar and Pangkal Pinang with 0.01 percent.

"We still have another month this year. We hope that it is still under control," he added.