Jakarta to Raise Minimum Wage to Rp3.94 Million

M Sholahadhin Azhar    •    01 November 2018 16:52 WIB
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Jakarta to Raise Minimum Wage to Rp3.94 Million
Jakarta regional secretary Saefullah (Photo:Medcom.id/Adin)

Jakarta: Jakarta regional secretary Saefullah has announced that the provincial minimum wage will be raised by 8.03 percent to Rp3,940,973.096 in 2019.

"The provincial minimum wage is Rp3,940,973.096. It is in line with the Governor Regulation," Saefullah told reporters on Thursday.

"We have taken careful consideration. We have talked with all stakeholers," he added.

The increase was stipulated by the Circular Letter of the Manpower Ministry No.B.240/M.NAKER/PHI9SK-UPAH/X/2018. The decision was based on the Government Regulation No.78/2015 on Manpower Wage.

"Regional leaders should immediately implement the 2019 provincial minimum  wage.  They should follow the Government Regulation No.78," Manpower Minister Hanif Dakhiri told reporters few weeks ago.