Palu's Traditional Market Gradually Returning to Normal

   •    05 Oktober 2018 23:23 WIB
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Palu's Traditional Market Gradually Returning to Normal
Palu is the capital city of Central Sulawesi province (Photo:MI/Susanto)

Jakarta: The economy of Palu has gradually returned to normal days after the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the Central Sulawesi capital city and its nearby regions.

Economic activities can be seen at Masambo market in Palu city center. Vegetables and other food products can be bought at the traditional market in the morning.

"These items are supplied for us. They are originated from higher areas," a vegetable seller said.

"Chilies are quited difficult to find. Vegetables are also difficult to find," she added.

On September 28,  a magnitude 7.4 earthquake hit several parts of Central Sulawesi province at around 05:02 PM Western Indonesia Time (WIB). A large tsunami smashed coasts of Palu and Donggala several minutes later.

According to authorities, the disaster has killed more than 1,500 people and injured hundreds. The government has deployed thousands of rescue workers to Palu and its nearby regions. (Wahyu Wiwoho)