Jakarta Posts Inflation of 0.05%: BI

Eko Nordiansyah    •    03 Oktober 2017 16:58 WIB
Jakarta Posts Inflation of 0.05%: BI
Illustration (Photo: MI/Panca Syurkani)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Bank Indonesia has reported that Jakarta province experienced an inflation of 0.05 percent month-to-month in September 2017.

According to the central bank, the province's year-on-year inflation stood at 3.69 percent. Meanwhile, the province's year-to-date inflation stood at 2.91 percent.

"The low inflation was influenced by core commodities, administered prices and volatile food prices," said Bank Indonesia's Jakarta chapter chief Doni P Joewono in a written statement on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.

Red chilli prices significantly decreased by 4.62 percent month-to-month. Rice prices only increased by  0.02 percent month-to-month.

"Moreover, the low inflation was affected by stable transportation prices," said the Bank Indonesia official.