BNI to Inspect 17000 ATMs to Prevent Data Theft

   •    22 Maret 2018 12:53 WIB
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BNI to Inspect 17000 ATMs to Prevent Data Theft
This precautionary step following a widespread surge in cases of ATM skimming (Photo: Antara).

Jakarta: State-owned lender Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) will conduct inspections of its 17 thousand Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in Indonesia as a precautionary measure to protect customers' debit cards from skimming.
"We want to take preventive measures. We will check all our systems and ATMs. We will check it again," BNI Director of Finance Anggoro Eko Cahyo had remarked in Jakarta on Wednesday.
Cahyo admitted his bank is taking this precautionary step following a widespread surge in cases of ATM skimming that affect customers of other banks.
In the last few days, dozens of customers of PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) and PT. Bank Mandiri claimed to have lost money mysteriously, with total losses amounting to over Rp150 million. The BNI director claimed that until now, his bank had not received any reports from customers about the loss of funds or the alleged skimming crime.
"Virtually, the skimming scam has taken place every year. The point is how every bank can secure the ATM system and also educate its customers," he pointed out.
In addition to improving safety standards, banks should disseminate information to customers, so they can better understand the efforts to prevent incidents of skimming.
Apart from ATMs being targeted, the skimming fraud can also occur with the electronic data recording machine or Electronic Data Capture.
As a precautionary measure, banks should optimize their anti-fraud system in every infrastructure of payment system.
"Thus, any suspicious transaction will be terminated by BNI," he remarked.
Along with preventing skimming, bank BNI will also replace its magnetic tape on 30 percent of its ATM debit cards with a computer chip.
PT. Bank Mandiri also claimed to be conducting checks on all its ATM machines. In fact, checks are performed every hour for ATM machines that are actively used, such as those in Jakarta.
"However, ATM machines in areas that are rarely used, checks are carried out once a day," Corporate Secretary of Bank Mandiri Rohan Hafas remarked.
The ATM debit card skimming crime is committed through several modes, including attaching a card reader in the mouth of an ATM machine and a hidden camera on the PIN keypad.
The card reader automatically retrieves the card data for duplication, while the hidden camera records the PIN of the ATM card. In addition to banking, customers are also required to actively secure data of ATM debit cards.
Hafas suggested customers to change their PIN regularly and not share PIN with any party.
"Customers also need to activate the SMS notification feature since when suspicious transactions occur, customers can immediately notify them," he added. (Antara)