Gov't Announces 14th Economic Policy Package

Githa Farahdina    •    10 November 2016 18:26 WIB
economic policy package
Gov't Announces 14th Economic Policy Package
The government announced 14th economic package this afternoon (Photo: MTVN/Githa Farahdina), Jakarta: The government announced the fourteenth economic policy package on Thursday (11/10) afternoon.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution said the package will bolster e-commerce industry. He mentioned the package has three main goals.

"E-commerce can improve economic activities," said Darmin during a press conference at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta.

Secondly, E-commerce can also empower young people. It will develop creative and innovative activities.

Lastly, the package will protect all stakeholders. The government will help small and medium e-commerce companies in the country.

"There will be national roadmap for electronic-based trade," he stated.