Tax Chief Confirms Meeting with Google

Suci Sedya Utami    •    27 Oktober 2016 16:05 WIB
Tax Chief Confirms Meeting with Google
Tax director general Ken Dwijugiasteadi (Photo:Antara/Agung Rajasa), Jakarta: Taxation director general Ken Dwijugiasteadi has confirmed the meeting with Google executives.

Previously, Reuters reported Google executives visited th Taxation Directorate General headquarters on Wednesday (10/26).

"(They met me) in the fifth floor," said Ken in Jakarta on Thursday (10/27).

However, he refused to explain the meeting in detail. He also denied they came to negotiate about tax bill.

"I will hold press conference later," he continued.

The Indonesian government wants Google to pay five years of back taxes. The giant tech company could face a bill of more than USD400 million for 2015 alone.