Indonesia in Fifth Rank on Chinese Tourists’s Destinations

   •    08 Maret 2018 12:22 WIB
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Indonesia in Fifth Rank on Chinese Tourists’s Destinations
Bali is the attraction for Chinese tourists in Indonesia (Photo: Antara).

Beijing: Indonesia has been included to top 10 ranking as one of Chinese's favorite tourism destinations in 2017, according to China Tourism Academy (CTA) and Ctrip--an online tourism service.
Indonesia is on the fifth rank after respectively Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam.
Regardless the eruption of Mount Agung in Bali last year, but Indonesia made it to beat Malaysia, Philippines, United States, South Korea, and Maldives.
CTA, a survey institute under the Chinese Tourism Ministry, had reported that Indonesia received nearly 2.5 million Chinese tourists last year, slightly misted the target as an impact of the eruption.
But, CTA and Ctrip highlighted Indonesia's effort to improve tourism facilities and services in 10 new destinations to a level that is similar with the Balinese hospitality standard, in order to attract more Chinese tourist to visit. CTA and Ctrip recorded more than 130 million Chinese nationals were traveling to many countries last year.
The People's Daily noted that the number was indicated China had become the largest source of tourist to some counties. While traveling abroad in 2017, the Chinese had spent 115.29 billion RMB or around USD18.22 million.
Also last year, thousands merchants in more than 30 countries received payments from China's cashless platforms Alipay and WeChat that common used by the Chinese. (Antara)