Tips on Consuming Durian

   •    12 September 2017 23:25 WIB
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Tips on Consuming Durian
Illustration (Photo: MTVN/Annisa Ayu Artanti), Jakarta: There are a lot of people who love durian. However, there are also people who hate the fruit. 

Durian contains a lot of nutritions. On the other hand, the fruit also contains 
contains alcohol, cholesterol and glucose.

Eating too much durian may harm your digestive organs. The bad habit may also trigger other health issues.

"Health people may eat 4-5 fruits," nutritionist Monica Anastasia Kurniawan told Metro Xinwen.

Tips on selecting the most tasty durian

Durian lovers should choose  the irregular-shaped durian. They should avoid the round-shaped durian. 

The Irregular-shaped durian usually is sweeter. Meanwhile, the round-shaped durian mostly is more bitter.