Bau Nyale Festival to be Held in Lombok

Arif Wicaksono    •    13 Februari 2017 20:35 WIB
Bau Nyale Festival to be Held in Lombok
Bau Nyale Festival (Photo:Antara/Ahmad Subaidi), Jakarta: The West Nusa Tenggara provincial administration and the Central Lombok regency administration will stage the Bau Nyale Festival 2017 on February 16-17.

"We have prepared eight events," the West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Agency head Lalu Moh Fauzal said in a press release on Monday.

"We will offer interesting events," he continued.

Bau Nyale means catching sea worms. Local residents will catch the sea worms. They then will cook the sea worms.

The festival always takes place around February-March. The sea worms only emerge around the period.