Visiting Bali With Only Rp1.5 Million

Dwi Ayu Rochani    •    13 Mei 2016 17:50 WIB
Visiting Bali With Only Rp1.5 Million
Bali (Photo:MI/ Fikri Yusuf), Jakarta: Bali is still the favorite destination to local and foreign tourists. Its beautiful nature and culture makes Bali one of the best tourist destinations.
There is no need to spent a lot of money to visit Bali. With only Rp1.5 million, you can enjoy the beauty of the Island of the Gods.
1. Book tickets far before the departure date  
Expensive airplane ticket often become the main obstacle for tourists with limited budget. However, you may get cheaper tickets if you book earlier. It is also cheaper if you visit Bali during the low season.
2.  Bring your friends
Bring your friends so you can share hotel room. There are lots of home stay offering cheap room that can be filled with 3-4 people. The room usually cost around Rp150,000 per night.
For backpackers, you can stay in the Poppies Lane Bali. It offers room with reasonable price.
3. Rent a motorcycle
Motorcycle is the most effective transportation in Bali. There are lots of bike rentals offering inexpensive prices, starting from Rp50 to 80 thousands.
4. Find free tourism spots
Choose the destinations which do not need entrance tickets like beaches. Before traveling, it is better to check the spot in the internet.
5. Find cheap foods
There are various cheap foods in Bali. For example, the famous Jinggo rice, with only Rp10,000 per pack. You can also visit the Seminyak area around Jalan Jawa. There, many food stalls offer affordable prices.