Playing With Sharks in Karimunjawa

Rhobi Shani    •    07 Mei 2016 12:42 WIB
Playing With Sharks in Karimunjawa
Shark captivity pool in Menjangan Island (Photo:MTVN/Rhobi), Jepara: Karimunjawa Islands is not only famous for its beautiful nature. There are other tourist attractions in the islands such as shark captivity pool in Menjangan Island. 
The place is always crowded by visitors. They could play and take pictures with the sharks.
However, there are some regulations that must be allowed by the visitors. They are forbidden to make sudden move that could provoke the sharks.
"Besides that, visitor with open scar is forbidden to enter the pool," said Djati Utomo, a travel agency manager in Karimunjawa to recently.
Aside from sharks, tourists can also take pictures with other sea animals, such as giant sea cucumbers, starfish and blowfish.
Menjangan Island can be reached with boat from Karimun Besar Island. However, tour package from travel agency in Karimunjawa usually has included a visit to the shark captivity.