Visiting the Child of Krakatoa

Nia Deviyana    •    30 Agustus 2016 23:08 WIB
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Visiting the Child of Krakatoa
Anak Krakatau (Photo:MTVN/Nia Deviyana), Bandar Lampung: The eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 is one of the most destructive volcanic events in the history.

A new island emerged within the caldera several decades after the eruption. The locals named it Anak Krakatau or Child of Krakatoa. recently received a rare opportunity to visit the island. It was part of Krakatau Festival 2016.

The Participants departed from Sari Ringgung beach in Bandar Lampung with a fisherman boat. We then continued the journey with a ferry boat.

We reached Sebesi island after 3 hours. It means we were near to Anak Krakatau. 

Anak Krakatau is a conversation area. It is home for several plants and animals including various types of butterflies.

Officials usually only give access to researchers. "Until now, we don't give access to tourists," said one of the official named Rusmadi.

(Photo:MTVN/Nia Deviyana)

Anak Krakatau grows 0.5 meter per month. Currently, the peak is 300 meters above the sea level.

The eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 killed more than 36,000 people in Indonesia. It also affected the climate in all around the world.