Purple Yam, Superfood to Replace Rice

Dwi Ayu Rochani    •    07 September 2016 23:44 WIB
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Purple Yam, Superfood to Replace Rice
Purple yam has various nutrients

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Purple yam is filled with many nutrients and antioxidants.

"It can be called superfood because it contains phytochemical, anthocyanin and betacarotene," said Ali Khomsan, public health nutrition expert at the Bogor Agricultural University.

"It can protect the body from poisons, free radicals and bacterias," he continued.

Purple yam can be used for food diversification. As a developing country, Indonesia still has health and nutrition problems.

"Indonesia is still dependent with rice as carbohydrate source. It is around 60 percent," he concluded.