'Good France', Program to Preserve French Gastronomy Culture

   •    16 Maret 2016 17:39 WIB
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'Good France', Program to Preserve French Gastronomy Culture
Good France press conference (Photo:MTVN/Nabila Gita)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Gastronomy is inseparable from French culture. Not only cooking or dining, France is extremely observant in the whole process.
Nabil Jaghdour, one of French famous chefs, said there are rules in French dining culture. There are many stages, starting from the appetizer, continued by the entree (main dish) -  in the form of fish or meat with vegetables - and ended by dessert and drinks such as wine. 
The decoration of dining table and body language of a person attending the dinner are also observed in the French culture. 
"Unfortunately, the culture has been left out by most French people, especially at where I reside on the South (part of France). People now prefers to consume one type of dish, such as fast food, and I think it is not healthy," said chef Jaghdour in Jakarta, Tuesday (3/15/2016).
Chef Jaghdour hopes the Good France program may urge the French and global community to preserve the gastronomic culture. "So, Good France is perfect to popularize French gastronomy," he stated.

Good France is global event managed by the French Government involving 1,000 chefs from five continents that will be held on March 21. Director of Institute Francais Indonesia (IFI) Marc Piton mentioned "In Indonesia, 22 restaurants are to participate by presenting French culinary. This event shows a genuine interest from Indonesian society on the French culture, especially on gastronomy."
"Therefore, Good France has become the symbol of both countries' friendship, where the chefs are united to present the dishes to public. The event has become one of the main interests and curiosities on French culture, as well as the understanding of both nations in the future," he continued. 
As a cultural heritage and national identity, French people considered the tradition of gastronomy as an important element in life. The tradition has long become the social practices, usually conducted to celebrate important moments, such as birthdays and weddings. (Nabila Gita)