Six Signs of 'Mombie'

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    23 Mei 2018 16:21 WIB
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Six Signs of 'Mombie'
Illustration (Photo: AFP)

Jakarta: One of the issues as a new mother is lack of sleeping time after taking care of the little one. The popular term  is mombie which is the combination of the word "mom" (mother) and "zombie" (the living dead). 

Here are the signs that you have shifted into a mombie:

1. Messy home
Your home's tidiness is no longer your focus. However, all equipment related to the baby can still be found. 

2. Unaware of the latest updates from your surroundings
There is no time to listen to other people's stories since taking care of your child is the main priority. 

3. People commenting on your fatigue face
Every time you meet other people, they seem to know how tired you are. 

4. Wearing the same clothes for days
Without realizing it, the same shirt you wear a couple of days ago is still stuck on your body.

5. Buying foods from delivery services
Avoding the hassle, The technology help you to stay at your beloved home.

6. Sleeping earlier
Although you still have to wake up in the middle of the night to ensure the child is comfortable and safe, you will not reject the offer of dozing off early.