Eating Healthy Snacks to Reduce Hunger

   •    28 Desember 2017 23:10 WIB
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Eating Healthy Snacks to Reduce Hunger
Illustration (Photo: MTVN)

Jakarta: The feeling of hunger outside the regular eating time often make some people to consume snacks. Unfortunately, many people randomly eat any kind of snacks where they end up gaining weight.

"People do not eat due to hunger anymore, but due to boredom," said weight control consultant dr. Grace Judio  in Metro I-Care.

If people eat every two hours, they will experience health problems. The most common effects are weight gain,  higher cholesterol levels, and other metabolism problems. 

"To avoid hunger, we have to choose our snacks. So, it is not all about carbohydrates but also proteins," she said.

According to Grace, good snacks are those with balanced nutrition. For example, she continued, sweet bread with cheese or yogurts, and even fruits. Aside from having complete nutrition, these kinds of snacks can also make you full in a longer period of time.