Avoiding Bad Eating Habits on Children

Torie Natalova    •    25 Juli 2017 23:38 WIB
Avoiding Bad Eating Habits on Children
Illustration (Photo: MTVN)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: All children have their own characteristics. Some are picky, while some cannot stop eating.  

Here are why some children love eating so much:

1. Children can act hungry to get foods.
Children know that parents will provide foods. Parents can arrange strict dining schedules. Parents can explain the benefits. 

2. Children should eat a wide range of foods.
Sweets are allowed for once in a while. It can prevent obsessive tendencies. It can complement healthy eating habits. 
3. Children should get enough fibers from their foods.
Children should consume enough fruits and vegetables. Parents should prepare varied foods. They should promote outdoor activities.