Measures to Prevent Bullying

   •    14 Agustus 2017 23:59 WIB
Measures to Prevent Bullying
Illustration (Photo: MI/Ramdani), Jakarta: Parents should learn preventive measures to prevent bullying actions. what are them?

Psychologist Ratih Zulhaqqi untderlined the roles of parents. They should understand the phrase "children see, children do". They should know that children will observe their surroundings.

"Children should learn positive things. They should observe positive surroundings," Ratih told Metro TV recently.

"Children should have positivity. They should have self respect," Ratih added.

Parents advised to review their parenting skills. They should gradually improve their life habits. They should positiveliy influence their little ones. 

"Children will see the behaviors. they will take examples," Ratih said.