The Best Time to Change Car AC Filter

M. Bagus Rachmanto    •    20 Juni 2018 18:52 WIB
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The Best Time to Change Car AC Filter
Illustration (Photo:Medcom/M Rizal)

Jakarta: In the tropical climate, car AC filter should be changed regularly. If not, it could be damaged by dirt. 

The regular change is also important for car owners who are heavy smokers as it will leave bad scent.

“You should not select random AC filters. You should choose AC filters that are designed to capture small dirt," PT Denso Sales Indonesia manager Vinsensius Ariel told recently. 

"In the market, regular filters are colored white. On the other hand, premium filers are colored green," he added.

The car AC filter should be replaced once every six months or 10 thousand kilometers. It chould be checked during maintenance time. 

"Premium filters have better abilities as well as  anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-fungus features,” he added.