Sports May Increase Your Brain Performance

Anggi Tondi Martaon    •    11 Januari 2017 15:08 WIB
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Sports May Increase Your Brain Performance
Exercises have been proven to increase the blood flow to your brain, which may trigger the growth of new blood veins and cells. (Photo: Ellingtoncms), Jakarta: A research shows that light exercises are not only good for your body's health, but also increase brain performance in the elderly group.
These light exercises may prevent cognitive decline up to 36 percent. Moreover, the memory of exercising elderly group will be better than those who are not. 
A publicized study in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, observes over 6,400 elderly people over 65 years old who are doing trackers on weekly basis. Moreover, the participants are also tasked to see the connection between sports and brain performance. 
Three years later, the group routinely tracking and conducting significant physical activities are less likely to experience cognitive decline than those who do not. 
New reports add more scientific evidence that physical activities are related to better brain health. These exercises have been proven to increase blood flow to the brain, which may trigger growth of new blood cells and veins. 
Aside from that, light and routine exercises during elderly age will also lower the risks of acquiring chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. 
Both diseases above have direct links to brain health from time to time. A study shows that sports may reduce brain aging by ten years.