Four Main Reasons of Depression

   •    28 Desember 2017 22:51 WIB
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Four Main Reasons of Depression
Illustration (Photo: MTVN)

Jakarta: Stress or depression cannot be taken lightly. It may cause someone to commit suicide if he/she is overwhelmed by depression.

Coach Jamil Azzaini said that depression generally occurs when someone is facing issues. If they cannot find a resolution or a way out, these problems will cause stress or even depression. 

"I say there are two main causes, the gaps between hope and reality, as well as (often) interpreting something as an issue," said the man in the show I'm Possible in Metro TV.

The gap between hope and reality, according to Jamil, can be divided into four: treasure, power, words, and love. Treasure is related to the wish of a person to have overflowing wealth, or wanting to be rich, but suddenly becomes broke. 

Power, Jamil said, can be connected to the desired position of work, but the inability to achieve it. Words, he continued, relates to the void of appreciation from others over the person's achievements. Meanwhile, love can be related to broken-hearted feeling or broken home.

"The broken hearts caused by the gap between hope and reality may end up in suicide attempts," said Jamil.

The next issue, as a cause of depression, is how someone easily sees various things as issues. For example is someone who just got sacked from work. 

There are those who think that the company policy to fire its employees is 'evil', but there are also those who view it as something positive, such as providing the opportunity for that particular person to work in better companies, or starting a career as a businessman. 

"So, if we want to stay away from suicidal tendencies, the gap should be shortened. We have to see every issue positively to become relaxed, calm and to enjoy life," added Jamil.

Aside from the gap and ability of a person to face various issues, Jamil also mentioned two other factors that may cause depression, which are the internal and external factors. 

The external factor might be due to bullying, harassment or condescending remarks. It should be taken into attention that these behaviors are dangerous. Therefore, Jamil said it is not good to harass or discredit others, although it was only a joke. 

Lastly, Jamil said, the dominant internal factors may cause depression in a person as they do not have any hopes in life. 

"They should let life flows. For example, when meeting failures, do not think that it is an embarrassment, as they come in packages with success. Crying over failures will only cause depression. Hope is what saves a person," he said.