Increasing the Quality of Life for the Disabled

Sonya Michaella    •    21 November 2016 09:05 WIB
Increasing the Quality of Life for the Disabled
Founder of Dr. Mason Global Inc, Asiah Mason. (Foto: YouTube), Jakarta: The disabled and the deaf should have equal rights like other normal people do. This principal is what becomes the vision from the social organization Dr. Mason Global Inc that facilitates the disabled.

"I try to open access to the disabled and the deaf with normal people, so they would know that the disabled and the deaf have abilities," said the founder of Dr. Mason Global Inc, Asiah Mason in @Amerika, Pacific Place, Jakarta, recently.

Mason takes in an exchange role of the disabled and the deaf for Indonesia to the United States in meeting other people similar to their condition in the US.

"This program is supported by the US Embassy in Jakarta. We discuss the idea with them, and they agreed," he said.

Currently in the United Nations (UN), a convention on the disabled and the deaf has been approved by many countries, as they agreed that these people are entitled to the same rights to the normal people. 

"When in the US, they have met with the American disabled. They have exchanged experience. It was fun," said Mason.

As related to the next plan, Mason, who is also working with other organisations, are preparing the plans to welcome the World Disability Day that falls in December.

"We have plans on that, we are discussing it. One of the ways to start them is the socialization along with the Social Ministry," Mason said.  

Precisely tomorrow, on December 17, there will be a socialization together with the Social Ministry to provide education to the parents with disabled and deaf children.

"We also give education to the normal social workers, especially on how they work with the disabled and the deaf," he concluded.