Regularly Check Motorcycle Oil during Rainy Season

Ekawan Raharja    •    27 Desember 2017 22:50 WIB
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Regularly Check Motorcycle Oil during Rainy Season
Illustration (Photo: MTVN)

Jakarta: As we are entering the rainy season, usually there are lots of puddles or even floods in several regions. Usually, the motorcycles are often hit by the effect as they tend to breach through these puddles or floods.

To prevent motorcycles from breaking down on the road, you should be careful in observing the road conditions and height of the puddle. Aside from that, you also have to pay attention to the condition of motorcycle lubricants. 

Checking the oil condition can be done easily. Motorcycle owners may check on their own by paying attention to the dipstick that is placed along with the oil tank cover.

"See it from the dipstick, look at the volume and oil color," said a mechanic for TDR Technology Center, Ari Kuncahyo, to

If the oil is mixed with water, its color and consistency will change. Usually, the oil will turn white and becomes more liquid.

The water can always enter the chamber through the existing gaps, such as exhaust chamber or untightened oil tank cover. This will make the rainwater or puddle water to enter the engine and oil chamber.

"If you breached a flood, it is better to take the motorcycle directly to the auto shop to be checked and change the oil. The measure is conducted as an anticipation if there is a breach of water entering the engine room," said a shop owner in Jatiwarna, Ahmad, to

The bad effect resulting from this liquid and while oil is lack of lubrication for the engine. Several components will have the potentials of being scratched or damaged, and will not withstand the heat. This condition will surely make the engine broken if allowed for too long.