Common Causes of Drooling Babies

Yatin Suleha    •    08 Juni 2018 17:23 WIB
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Common Causes of Drooling Babies
Illustration (Photo:Medcom/Rakhmat Riyandi)

Jakarta: A lot of Indonesian mothers still wrongly believe that their babies drool due to unachieved pregancy cravings. 

"Drooling may be caused by hypersalivation, imperfect mouth control or disrupted swallowing process," said dr. Robert Soetandio, SpA, M.Si.Med from Awal Bros Hospital, Tangerang some time ago.

"As babies grow older, the issue may gradually dissapear. However,  if the babies have development problems, the issue may persist," he added.

Then, how do you detect an unnatural drooling?

"Unnatural drooling is usually accompanied by fever, top respiratory infection, throat inflammation infection or mononucleosis disease."

Besides that, dr. Robert also added that drooling may occur on children with neurological issues such as cerebral palsy, parkinson disease, rabies,or mercury poisoning. 

Drooling that suddenly occurs may be caused by dangerous chemicals such as pestiside, mercury and painkillers.