Becoming Good Listener for Your Friend

Raka Lestari    •    12 September 2017 23:59 WIB
Becoming Good Listener for Your Friend
Illustration (Photo: AFP/Getty), Jakarta: Some people prefer to have a lot of friends. Meanwhile, some other people prefer to have few friends.

We should be able to become a good friend. For example, we should be eager to be a good listener.

Here are several important tips: 

1. Create intimacy
Creating an emotional bond is one of the main issues in every kind of relationships. You should be more open to them. They then could be more relax to share stories. 

2. Learn patiently
You should learn other personalities. You should understand their characters. You also should acknowledge their feelings.

3. Be yourself
You should respect yourself. You should be proud with your characters. You also should be aware with your accomplishments.

4. Show that you care
You should always be there for them. You can send daily greetings. You also can make little surprises.