Do These Four Things to Avoid Bloated Stomach

Torie Natalova    •    24 Mei 2018 19:23 WIB
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Do These Four Things to Avoid Bloated Stomach
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Jakarta: Bad eating habits could affect your digestive system. These bad decisions could trigger various digestive problems.

If you often experience bloated stomach, you should try these four steps:

1. Prioritizing organic ingredients

You should pick organic ingredients that are free from any pesticides which could damage your digestive organs.

2. Eating without rushing
Eating more slowly ccould prevent weight gain due to overeating. 

3. Chewing more carefully
If you chew your food more carefully, you will your body to release the amylase enzyme needed to break the essence of the foods. 

4. Don't drink too much water
When you drink too much water while eating, your pH will drop and prevent the enzyme to do its functions.