Monitoring Battery Light in Your Car

M. Bagus Rachmanto    •    28 Mei 2018 19:39 WIB
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Monitoring Battery Light in Your Car
Illustration (Photo: Raharja)

Jakarta: The battery indicator light functions as an indicator for the battery refill system in your car. 

If the indicator light comes on, then the refill system is in trouble.

"Normally, your battery indicator lamp would turn off when the engine starts revving. It means the refill system has produced the electricity to refill your car's battery," said Fahmi, the owner of Fahmi Jaya Motor, in a discussion with in Bekasi, some times ago.

According to Fahmi, the issue could be caused by several reasons including loose alternator socket, used brush carbon, or damaged alternator dynamo 

The solution is to check the carbon brush or slip ring condition. If the two components are damaged, you should replace them.

Aside from that, it is important to regularly check your battery, as your battery is included as a fast moving component, meaning a component that has an expiry date.