Challenges of Asthma Treatment in Indonesia

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    29 September 2017 23:07 WIB
Challenges of  Asthma Treatment in Indonesia
Illustration (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Asthma is mostly found within the 0-30 years old age range. The respiratory disease is reportedly suffered by around 7-12 percent of the country's total population.

The data was cited by Faisal Yunus MD, Ph.D, a pulmonology expert at the pulmonology department of the University of Indonesia during the launching of Healthy Lung program earlier this week.

"In 2003, the number of asthma cases in East Jakarta stood at 10.3 percent of the population.  In 2008, the number increased to 11.8 percent," he said.

The lack of medical facilities in local health facilities can create a number of problems. The issue can lead to wrong procedures. 

"The problem is the lack of spirometer supplies in all health facilities in Indonesia," he added.

Nevertheless, a number of asthma medications have been included in the National Health Insurance (JKN) system. Unfortunately, the medications are only available in few health facilities.