Tips to Prolong Lifespan of Car Battery

M. Bagus Rachmanto    •    19 Juni 2018 15:52 WIB
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Tips to Prolong Lifespan of Car Battery
Illustration (Photo:Medcom/M Rizal)

Jakarta: Car battery plays a vital role in your car. It provides power for various car parts.

According to Toha, a mechanic at the Pit Stop autoshop in East Jakarta, there are several ways to prolong the lifespan of car battery.

First, make sure all electric devices such as lights, windows, indicators, horns and others are trouble free.

"If there is no issue related to the electricity, you should conduct routine maintenance. For example, you should check its water regularly," he said.

"If necessary, you could add more water. Besides that, you should prevent any corrosion," he added.

Last but not least, it is better to avoid use high-powered car accesories, such as complicated sound systems, as it would affect the power and durability of the battery.