Marathon run needs strong dedication and determination

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    10 Januari 2017 11:15 WIB
Marathon run needs strong dedication and determination
A marathon event in Myanmar (Photo: AFP)., Jakarta: Doing marathon runs are not easy. This sport needs high determination and dedication, not just a mere target achievements. 
Therefore, it takes great training since the start to increase your stamina and strength by conducting sport programs. It also requires consistent trainings since day one. 
"The first and main tips especially for marathons is to seek a trusted or leading training program and apply it perfectly," said Rick Muhr, running and endurance trainer in Boston Marathon and Octane Fitness, as quoted by Thehealthsite.
He added that since you are doing varied trainings everyday, you have to do training schedules by paying attention to your health and neighborhood. Therefore, one of the issues needed to be secured is the consistency on your schedules.
"Yes, because running for over three kilometers and only walking for a kilometer in a day afterwards will not help you in achieving your target," Rick said to give examples.
Next tips is for you not to run for over four to five days in a week, with a resting period of a day or two in between.
Avoid going out from your designed schedule and run for long distances on your early days of training, as many people have become too enthusiastic on these periods. 
If you are doing it recklessly, it has the potential of causing injuries. You will also become inconsistent with your training and may be frustrated. As the effect, your overall health, mental and physical state will be disturbed.