4 Make Up Tricks To Make You Look Younger

Yatin Suleha    •    06 Juni 2018 20:33 WIB
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4 Make Up Tricks To Make You Look Younger
Illustration (Photo: Medcom.id/M Rizal)

Jakarta: Why Hollywood actresses always look young? Aside from the expensive treatments, there are also various make up tricks. 

1. Play with color
Adding bright colors may shift the entire impression of your beautiful face that will result in a more healthier and younger look. 

2. Moisturizer before foundation
Using foundation without any moisturizer may absorb the natural moisture on your face that will cause wrinkles and dry skin.

3. Use gold foundation 
If you are above 50 years old. using a gold foundation may overcome paleness due to ageing.

4. Camouflage with concealer
If you wish to close all wrinkles with your foundation, using a concealer may solve the issue smoothly.