5 Rules to Protect Newly Tinted Car Windows.

Ahmad Garuda    •    02 Juli 2018 19:45 WIB
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5 Rules to Protect Newly Tinted Car Windows.
Illustration (Photo:Medcom/M Rizal)

Jakarta: New tinted car windows are usually sealed by stickers by the car shop staff. The car owners are sometimes also given an instruction manual after the installment. 

Here are some rules to maintain films in you car windows: 

1. Do not move your windows within 48 hours after installment.

2. Do not turn on your anti-fog feature within four weeks after installment.

3. Do not place any stickers on the surface of your windows.

4. Do not use rough surfaced materials as well as ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners when washing your windows. 

5. Do not uncover the edges of the filmed windows.