Strength of Indonesian Muslim Clothing Lines Abroad

Nia Deviyana    •    14 Maret 2016 22:19 WIB
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Strength of Indonesian Muslim Clothing Lines Abroad
(Photo: Doc. MI/Antara/ Pey Hardi Subiantoro), Jakarta: Indonesian culture has inspired the fashion world, as also with the Muslim clothing designed by local talents.
These Muslim clothing, or recently known as modest wear, has been responded positively by foreign consumers.
"Global community, especially Muslim women, are craving for a modern, comfortable and trendy product. Indonesia has provided them with various selection of designs. Starting from abaya, sharia veils, ethnic or contemporary modest wear," explained the CEO e-commerce HijUp, Diadjeng Lestari, when met by, recently. 
The rich Indonesian culture has contributed greatly on this matter.
"There are many Indonesian cultures formed by acculturation. Just mention from China and Arab, which later gave birth to various clothing designs. It is actually based on the designer's background, whereas in other countries, there are only an average of one model due to their limited culture, unlike here (in Indonesia)," she added.
The positive response from foreign consumers have become a good start, remembering Indonesia has a mission to become the center of world Muslim fashion in 2020.
Currently, said Diadjeng, the market of HijUp globally have reached 1.7 billion people. In Britain, the consumer of her products have reached 3 million people.
"Britain is one of the center of mode, especially in London and Birmingham. Meaning we have the legitimation. It is why I am very optimistic that Indonesia may become the global Muslim fashion qibla in 2020," she elaborated.
Diadjeng wishes that all Muslim clothing designers in Indonesia to cooperate.
"Muslim clothing has become a trend, don't make a competition out of the designers. We have lots of inspiration that set our designs apart. We should cooperate and support one another to fulfill Indonesia's mission to become the global Muslim fashion center in 2020," concluded the e-commerce CEO with more than 120 local designers brands.