Novelist NH Dini Passes Away

Budi Arista Romadhoni    •    04 Desember 2018 20:44 WIB
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Novelist NH Dini Passes Away
NH Dini (Photo:ANT)

Jakarta: Influential novelist Nurhayati Sri Hardini Siti Nukatin passed away after a traffic accident at the Semarang toll road in Central Java on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.

Popularly known as NH Dini, she died at the age of 82 at the Elizabeth hospital. She was pronounced dead at 04:50 PM Western Indonesia Time (WIB).

"She received treatment at the emergency room. She also took an MRI scan," Elizabeth hospital spokesperson Probowati said.

According to reports, NH Dini would be laid at Harapan Asia retirement house until tomorrow. She would be cremated at the Kedungmundu cemetery on Wednesday afternoon.

NH Dini was born in Semarang on February 29, 1936. She was also known as a feminist.