4 Ways to Avoid Falling When You Are Pregnant

Yatin Suleha    •    30 Oktober 2017 23:51 WIB
4 Ways to Avoid Falling When You Are Pregnant
Illustration (Photo: Antara/Eric Ireng)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: When you are pregnant, your center of gravity will change slightly due to bigger and heavier stomach. Some ways below may avoid you from the risks of falling when you are pregnant.

1. Be careful at home
During your pregnancy, changes will occur in your body. For example, you will have a harder time to pick up fallen items on the floor. You will not be as agile as before your pregnancy. Therefore, you need to pay attention several issues, for example to brighten the lights in several parts, as it will endanger you if it is dark and slippery. 

Keep away from electricity cables or piles of carpets to avoid being tripped off. If you are using carpets, stick it with plastic duct tape in every end that often corners. Make efforts for your bathroom mats to be dry at all times. If you are worried of wet floors, place the nonslip bath mat on the floor.

2. Be cautious on your surrounding neighborhood
Make efforts for you to be cautious over your surroundings when you are walking. Pay attention whether there are animals crossing, or broken cement on the street, holes on the road, or anything taht can make you trip and fall. 

Avoid replying to whatsapp or typing while walking. Avoid walking on the uphill roads, as it would be heavier and feels different compared to the condition before you are pregnant. Choose the stairs compared to the uphill road. It is better to hold on to the handrails when you are climbing and going down the stairs.

3. Use comfortable shoes
Now it is not the time to walk with a four-inch shoes. Sneakers or flat shoes is the safe choice that will also make you feel comfortable when walking. Buy new shoes, as when you are pregnant, your feet will become swollen and your old size can no longer be applied.

4. Avoid sudden dizziness
The older your pregnancy is, it will suppress the main blood veins and will make you dizzy if you stand up too fast from a seated position. Move with slow movements to provide your body a chance to adjust.