How Important it is for Car to Enter Salon?

Ekawan Raharja    •    21 November 2016 08:59 WIB
How Important it is for Car to Enter Salon?
Taking care of the car should be applied routinely. (Photo: MTVN/Ahmad Garuda), Jakarta: Taking care of the car should be applied routinely. The idea is to maintain the best performance of your lovely car. However, it is not all about maintaining the engine. The appearance should also be maintained to look as good. 

Maintaining the car's cleanliness may also prevent damage. At least it is what the guy from Shine Auto Wax, Arya, said. According to Arya, the car should be placed within the salon for once every two-or-three months. The intensity may increase during extreme weather. 

"If you are washing song and not going to the car salon, sometimes there are remains of dirts sticking out. Moreover if you wash it without care. The paint would be dull," said Arya as quoted form the official website of Hyundai.

If your car is very dirty, it is better to take them to the car salon. At least there are several benefits to be taken. 

When you are in the car salon, exterior will be cleaned thoroughly. It is because this part is prone to fungus, dull paint, asphalt, muddy road and rainwater. The wrong technique can also dull the paint and make it look dirty. 

Afterwards, the Engine Compartmen Cleaning. Car salon workers will clean the parts in the engine room. From the easy to the hard to reach parts. The intention is to clean the engine and the engine room from dirts coming out of the combustion, the remaining of moving oil and sticking dust.

The windows would also be paid attention to. The crucial part for visibility is cleaned from fungus, fat, dirt flakes due to acid rain, as well as worsening dust. 

The last part cleaned is the body and the rims. The dust and asphalt dirt may cause the two parts to be dirty and cause soft scratches if not cleaned nicely and correctly.