Using Mouthwash to Prevent Sore Throat

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    24 November 2016 23:56 WIB
Using Mouthwash to Prevent Sore Throat
Illustration (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Mouthwash has a lot of health benefits. Few people know mouthwash could prevent sore throat.

"People should use mouthwash regularly," said dr. Syahrial Hutauruk, otorhinolaryngologist from Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital.

"Do not wait until it is too late," he continued.

He recommended the mouthwash that contains povidone-iodine. The mouthwash could reduce 99 percent of bacteria in the throat.

The mouthwash that contains cetylpyridinum chloride could reduce 97 percent of bacteria. Meanwhie, the mouthwash that contains chlorexidine gluconate could reduce 59 percent of bacteria.