These 5 Beverages May Help to Burn Fat

Pelangi Karismakristi    •    26 Desember 2017 22:14 WIB
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These 5 Beverages May Help to Burn Fat
Illustration (Photo: AFP)

Jakarta: Eating foods before you sleep is believed to add more weight. Usually, people limit themselves to eating within two or three hours prior to their sleep.

However, there are several beverages fit for consumption ahead of your sleep, as it can also lower your weight.

1. Milk
 Milk is enriched with tryptophan and calcium. A glass of milk helps you to improve your sleep. The better you sleep, the less stress hormone in your body that it would ease you to lose a couple of kilograms of your total weight.

2. Soy Milk
The drink contains the amino acid that triggers sleep. The tryptophan in the soy milk is low in calories. When drinking soy milk, the brain will use it to create good hormones and lower your body weight.

3. Grape Juice
 Experts said that drinking a small glass of grape juice before you sleep will help you have a better rest, as well as burning fat.

4. Chamomile Tea
The tea that triggers better sleep will help to increase your glycine level, as it serves as a neurotransmitter that eases the nerves and acts as a light sedative.  In addition to that, Chamomile will be able to increase the glucose control and lower your weight.

5. Soy Protein Shake
According to experts, the soy protein shake will be capable of increasing the quality of sleep. The beverage will produce melatonin, which boosts drowsiness and lower the cortisone level to fight the fats in your stomach.