Opera Not Just for Western People

Putu Radar Bahurekso    •    18 April 2016 18:19 WIB
culture and art
Opera Not Just for Western People
Avip (Photo: MTVN/Putu)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Opera is not common in Indonesia. There are not many opera shows in the country.
The art is originated from Europe and most Indonesians are not familiar with it.
"The opera, I think, is the peak of classical music. But in here, there are still many people say that it is not common," said Avip Priatna, a music conductor and director when interviewed at Ciputra World, Jakarta. 
Avip Priatna was involved in opera performance 'Carmen' recenty held in Ciputra Artpreneur as a conductor. Avip underlined the view that opera is a product of the West must be put aside because art is universal.
"We do not see the opera as a form of western culture, as it evolves not only in Europe. Modern opera developed both in Asia and Europe. Therefore, it has to be considered as a universal art," he continued.
He wants the opera show to be enjoyed in Indonesia. "To produce a good opera, we are faced with many obstacles. We need people, artists, and a huge amount of funds," mentioned Avip.
"It is not to copy, but the skills are what we absorb and learn," he concluded.