3 Types of Acne

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    05 September 2016 23:33 WIB
3 Types of Acne
Illustration (Photo: Tang Chhin Sothiya/AFP/Getty Images)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Acne problem can cause lack of confidence. Acne occurs when sebum and dead skin cells block hair follicles.

"Overproduction of sebum can block the hair follicles," said dermatologist Suksmagita Pratidina in a discussion recently.

There are three types of acne: light, medium and heavy.

1. Light

A comedo is a clogged hair follicle. Black comedo occurs due to oxidation of sebum.

2. Medium

A papule is a small, solid usually inflammatory elevation of the skin that does not contain pus. Meanwhile, a pustule is filled with pus.

3. Heavy

A nodule can lead tissue destruction. A cyst can also leave scar tissue behind. Nodulocystic acne is the worst type of acne.