7 Foods That Can Lower Cholesterol

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    16 September 2016 23:47 WIB
7 Foods That Can Lower Cholesterol
Illustration (Photo: AFP)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: High cholesterol level can give negative effects to the body. Therefore, you have to watch your eating habits.

Here are foods that can lower cholesterol:

1. Almond
Almond is believed can reduce risks of coronary diseases.

2. Oat and barley
Oats and barley contain soluble fiber.

3. Green Tea
It can reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

Avocado is the only frut that has monounsaturated fat.

5. Olive oil
Olive is also has monounsaturated fat.

6. Orange
Vitamin C is effective in increasing the good cholesterol.

7. Salmon
Salmon contains Omega 3 fatty acid.