Kelly Tandiono Focuses on Acting

Nia Deviyana    •    19 Agustus 2016 20:00 WIB
Kelly Tandiono Focuses on Acting
Kelly Tandiono (Photo:MI/Immanuel Antonius), Jakarta: Asia's Next Top Model winner Kelly Tandiono admitted she is in love with acting world. She is committed to improve her acting skills.

"Previously, I had to be mentor in Asia's Next Top Model. Now, I have time," Kelly told recently.

The 29 year old has played in several films. She won best actress at the 2014 Royal Bali International Film Festival for her acting in Negeri Tanpa Telinga (A Country Without Ears).

She is also interested with theatre. She will participate in a musical play titled Khatulistiwa next November.

"In a musical play, I need to act and sing," she concluded.