Tiga Dara to be Rereleased

Agustinus Shindu Alpito    •    22 Juni 2016 18:49 WIB
Tiga Dara to be Rereleased
Tiga Dara movie (Photo: twitter)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Indonesia has a long cinematic history. Unfortunately, public have difficulty to enjoy old Indonesian films because the film reels are not preserved well. 

One of the solutions is by making a digital copy. However, it is not easy thing to do.

SA Films recently restored classic Indonesian films, Tiga Dara. The restoration was done by L'Imagine Ritrovata from Bologna, Italy. The physical restoration process was completed in October 2015.

"The condition of Tiga Dara's celluloid film reel was extremely bad," said SA Films in its official twitter account.

"We found vinegar syndrome, scratches and fungus. It made the restoration process a bit difficult," it added.

SA Films plans to screen the musical drama on August 11, 2016.  

Tiga Dara was first released in 1956. The black and white film tells a story of three young women neamed Nunung (Chitra Dewi), Nana (Mieke Wijaya) and Nenny (Indriati Iskak).