5 Health Benefits of Red Betel

Karina Yunita    •    24 Oktober 2016 23:27 WIB
5 Health Benefits of Red Betel
Red betel has several health benefits

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Betel is an original Indonesian vine. Red betel is one of the variants.

Red betel contains alkaloid, saponin, tannin and flavonoid. It also contains essential oil, hydroxychavicol, eugenol and cineole.

Here are several health benefits of red betel:

1. Preventing liver inflammation
Saponin in red betel could prevent liver inflammation.

2. Lowering blood sugar level
Essential oil in the plant could lower blood sugar level.

3. Reducing joint pain
Flavonoid is a natural analgesic.

4. Lowering blood pressure
The plant could also reduce blood pressure

5. Treating leucorrhoea
Red betel has an antiseptic nature.