The Importance of Culture Law

Putu Radar Bahurekso    •    07 April 2016 11:06 WIB
culture and art
The Importance of Culture Law
Jim Supangkat (Photo: MTVN/Putu), Jakarta: Art critic, Jim Supangkat, explained the importance of Culture Law whose draft bill is still being discussed in the House of Representatives. Jim said the law will ensure budget for cultural activities.
"It is clear the law is needed. Indonesia does not have such law yet. So, there is no enough budget for cultural activities," explained Jim Supangkat in the Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta, recently.
"We have budget but it is occasional.  If the minister is nice, the fund is sufficient. But if not, it is lacking," he continued.
The fund is needed for various activites, among others to conduct research on culture and visual arts, which are currently not organized well.
Jim Supangkat argued the state is responsible for the development of culture. Besides budget allocation, the government should also create programs for art and cultural sector. b
“The importance of the law is there will be permanent fund sufficient for various art and cultural programs, as well as for research," concluded Jim.