3 Signs of Broken Wipers

M. Bagus Rachmanto    •    26 September 2016 23:13 WIB
3 Signs of Broken Wipers
Illustration (Photo: AFP)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Windshield wipers are often used during rainy season. Therefore, it is advised to regularly check the wipers.

There are several signs of broken wipers. First, you see crack or rust in the wipers. Secondly, you hear odd noises when you use the wipers. Lastly, you feel the wipers cannot swipe water properly.

"If you find the signs, it is advised to change the wipers," Yudi, an autoshop owner, told Metrotvnews.com recently.

"If ignored, the broken wipers may damage the glass," Yudi continued.

Yudi suggested to buy rubber of silicone wipers. He claimed the wipers will last longer and perform better.