Keeping Wheels in Your Car Shiny

M. Bagus Rachmanto    •    02 September 2016 23:59 WIB
Keeping Wheels in Your Car Shiny
Illustration (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Maintenance is important to make wheels in your car clean and shiny. 

Yudi, an auto salon owner, has several tips to keep your wheels shiny. First, use soft brush and shampoo to clean the wheels. Use kerosene or gasoline to clean asphalt from the wheels.

Don't wash the wheels right after the car is used as it can cause fungus. Wipe the wheels to prevent fungus.

You have to  clean the wheels regularly. There are several cleaning products that can keep the wheels shiny.

"The cleanliness of a car owner can be seen from the wheels," Yudi said.

Clean and shiny wheels also boost the resale value of your car. Clean car surely has high resale value.